During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, The Usos joined the show to talk about their dominance as The Bloodline, their brother Solo Sikoa working in NXT, and talked about Naomi’s potential to join their faction.

One of the key members of The Bloodline has been the Special Council to Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman. The former ECW President recently referred to The Bloodline as “the greatest faction of all time” after their WrestleMania Backlash victory. Jimmy Uso talked about Paul Heyman’s impact on both he and his brother and reveal what Heyman told that inspired them early on in their careers.

“Pulled us to the side,” Jimmy said. “We just got on the road very early and he was like, ‘I’ve known you, boys, for a long time. You see that mat? A lot of your family has split their blood, sweat, and tears in that ring. When you get in that ring, you bump your ass off, you attack that mat and you bump harder than anybody in this business because it’s in your blood. When you’re going, man, you’re bumping with your dad, you’re bumping with your uncles, your cousins. So when you go in there, you attack that mat. That’s your livelihood in there, that’s your heart in there.’ I was just like, ‘I’m going to go bump right now Paul, thank you.’ He put it in us early, like, you’re right. I thank Paul for that conversation, right before TV, when he told us that it stuck with me, me and bro. When we get in that ring, that’s why we leave it every night, man.”

Continuing to talk about Heyman’s wise words, Jey Uso mentioned how that chat with Paul helped them get noticed and show that they’re great workers. The SmackDown Tag Team Champion also mentioned how important Paul Heyman has been for his family with the help he’s provided over the years.

“We kept that part because I think what he was trying to tell us as far as a working part, that’ll open people’s eyes,” Jey said. “The twins can down in the ring, they’re really good and we get passed that level and start getting into that character stuff, and it’s all like stacking bricks on top of it to build this building of the Usos. If it wasn’t for Paul, half of us, our family wouldn’t know how to move through this business.”

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