This WWE Hall Of Famer Not Under Legends Contract — Exclusive

Wrestling Inc. can confirm that WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long is not currently under a WWE Legends contract and was never offered one after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. A WWE Legends contract offers talent an upfront on royalties and a set price per appearance for when they appear for the company in the future, as well as other perks.


Earlier this week during's Monday Mailbag, veteran WWE referee Mike Chioda spoke about his friendship with the former WWE Smackdown General Manager. Chioda recalled the fond times the two had on the road together and lamented that Long did not go out "a little stronger" when wrapping up his time as a WWE on-screen character.

"I just wish he would've went out a little stronger with WWE," Chioda said. "They did induct him in the Hall of Fame. I remember talking to him for quite a while after that too and he was surprised they never gave him a Legends deal. They never gave him a Legends deal after the Hall of Fame and he thought he might have this Legend deal with WWE, make a little money but whatever. I hope he's doing well."


Wrestling Inc. asked around and confirmed that not only is Long not currently under a WWE Legends contract but, as Chioda said, he was never offered one following his Hall of Fame induction.

One source close to the situation told us that at a WrestleMania after Long's induction — it was not specified which one — Long approached former WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano about getting a Legends contract with the company. Apparently, Carrano responded to Long with something along the lines of, "Oh, you don't have one?" which Long found offensive due to the fact Carrano is the one who handed out those contracts and knew who had them.

Following Carrano's termination from WWE in 2021, which Wrestling Inc. was first to report, it sounds as if Long attempted to talk to current WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis about obtaining a Legends contract. Once Long broached the subject, Laurinaitis informed him that WWE had taken a survey of some kind and had learned that WWE's consumer base would not buy an action figure of him. Long again felt offended by WWE's response to his request.

We are told that at least one of the people to whom Long expressed his frustrations was The Undertaker. The Deadman reputedly was very upset about the way Long was being treated and nearly interjected himself into the situation.


Contrary to popular belief, it seems as though not all legends who enter the WWE Hall of Fame are awarded the coveted WWE Legends contract. Wrestling Inc. has learned of at least a handful of other names that have also been inducted without being offered such a deal.