Thunder Rosa Invokes Legendary WWE Feuds While Talking Britt Baker

AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa was a recent guest on the Under The Ring podcast where she spoke about being a champion.

Rosa admitted that right now she is trying to figure out what being the champion means. It has been a dream to be in this spot and that has made it special.

"I don't know, that's a really good question, I'm still trying to figure it out," she said. "It's like having the title in my hands and carrying it with me in Walmart, at the courthouse, everywhere, it's incredible. Because I always dreamed that I was going to be at the top of a company. But for me, like, it feels so soon but it's not. It's been eight years in the making, so, it's very, very special."

Thunder Rosa then stated that her desire is to now elevate other women who want to be in her position. She is currently trying to figure out the best way of achieving that goal.

"It's such a wonderful tool that I can utilize to not only elevate myself as a wrestler, as a woman, as an entrepreneur but also to elevate other women who want to be at the same level that I am right now. That's what I am trying to figure out," he said. "How can I do that in the most positive way?"

Since joining AEW Thunder Rosa is best known for her work against Britt Baker. The former champion has been her greatest rival so far, and she discussed how their series of matches progressed and became more serious. She also believes that it is far from over, as Thunder thinks this is a feud that will never end.

"Every match that we had it escalated to the next level, right? At first, we had our match which was a 'regular match,' at Beach Break last year," she said. "Then we have the tag matches in-between, then we have the big blowoff, right? For those, I don't know, I guess the rivalry that we have it's real. I don't think this is something that, now that I have the title, and I took the title from her, is something that's going to end.

"I think this is like The Rock and Stone Cold or Trish and Lita, something of that sort, I feel like it's something that's never going to end. But, our matches definitely were more physical. And in terms of we are talking about female wrestling, they were a lot more physical.

"We pushed a lot of boundaries. I don't think people were used to seeing women in the mainstream media doing something of that sort. Especially on the last one."

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