W. Morrissey Remembers Triple H Being “Furious” Over WWE SummerSlam Moment

In an appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Impact star W. Morrissey talked about some of the issues with creative from his time working on the WWE roster as Big Cass. In particular, W. Morrissey talked about the differences between WWE main roster and NXT, and recalled a moment that became apparent when he and tag partner Enzo Amore were yelled at for singing a Frank Sinatra song at Summerslam.


"Creatively, it was just a new set of talent to work with, to do promos with," Morrissey said. "We got to do things with the New Day, which was awesome to kind of feed off of other tag teams and have fun with that. We did the one segment with the New Day overseas in the UK, and it's just a totally different ballgame. NXT is, I guess it's less worrisome, it's less nervewracking, and it's not as big of a deal. When you get to WWE, it's kind of like everything you do is a big deal and it could have consequences. We messed up a few times.

"I can think of one time when we really messed up. We went off-script at Summerslam in Brooklyn and sang a Frank Sinatra song. You can't sing or imitate things that are copyrighted. That was a stern talking too. He was furious, Hunter. We didn't know. We didn't know those sorts of things.


"I think everything is amplified and it's so much bigger, and the magnitude of things you do and the consequences of the things you do are way bigger. That's something that maybe, in the moment, I didn't realize. But you're on live television. If you mess up or do something that can cost the company, that's on you. It's way bigger, it comes with a lot more money and a lot more glory, whatever you want to call it, but you have to watch yourself a lot more."

W. Morrissey went on to say that the segment later was cut from the broadcast and that he, Enzo, and their opponents, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, all felt things had gone well. And then they went to the back.

"If you go back and watch that Summerslam, I think it was 2016, they had to cut it," Morrissey said. "That was something we weren't told, and then I see we did it and we thought, 'yeah, New York. We fu**ing crushed it, man! Yeah, man, that was on the fly and everybody was with it!' And then we got to the back and it was like, 'you! You! Come here!' And I was like 'f**k!'

"We came back and were like, 'Jericho, thank you! Kevin, f**k yeah!' We were so happy, and then the mood just completely changed, drops. And then you start to think, 'f**k, what did we do? What did we do? We must've fu**ed up.' So yeah, that was a big one. That was huge. In NXT, we might've been able to do that or get away with it. When we went to different towns on the road with NXT, I sang "Sherry" in Asbery Park, New Jersey. We were doing stuff all over."


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