Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Wardlow have been attached at the hip since their debut in AEW, combining to create a WWE-light version of Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash’s pairing from the 90s that has helped MJF gain several victories of top talent. One of the more memorable feuds the duo has been involved in was his long-standing rivalry with Cody Rhodes where the 26-year-old star put Rhodes through several obstacles in order to earn a match with him.

The obstacles MJF put in Rhodes’ way last year included Cody not touching MJF until their match. Rhodes also had to beat Wardlow in a cage match and take 10 lashes to get his match with MJF. Fast forward a year later, Wardlow had to undergo the same stipulations, defeating Shawn Spears in a cage match and taking the 10 lashes to get his match this Sunday at AEW “Double or Nothing”.

When speaking about the comparisons between his situation and MJF/Rhodes, Wardlow had this to say:

“That is a humbling moment,” Wardlow said, during an exclusive interview with Jon Alba. “That is very wild, that I am now in Cody’s shoes which are some big shoes to fill. That feels pretty damn good and I think, no disrespect, but I think Max and I are a hotter commodity than the previous storyline. I think it’s something to be proud of.”

Wardlow also previously compared his feud with MJF to that of WWE’s Triple H and Batista, noting that nobody planned for the feud to mirror Evolution’s that culminated at “WrestleMania 21.”

Aside from his involvement in MJF’s feud with Rhodes, Wardlow was also heavily involved in his storyline with CM Punk, costing MJF his match at AEW Revolution with the current #1 contender for the AEW World Championship. The 34-year-old star detailed how helpful Punk has been in teaching him the wrestling business, and he expects that teaching to continue.

“We seem to get along well and I can honestly say Punk has been somebody that has helped me tremendously,” Wardlow stated. “Punk has a beautiful mind for this business and he has given me ideas or altered ideas that have helped get me to where I am, and he’s going to continue to help me blast off into the moon. He has an incredible mind and I’m always learning from him.”

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