Wheeler Yuta On What No One Tells You About Bleeding From Your Head

AEW's Wheeler Yuta recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about bleeding.

He was bust open badly against Jon Moxley and admitted the main issue was that he couldn't see.

"Yeah, it was very painful. Also, one thing no one tells you when that happens in a match is that you can't see anything," he said. "So, wrestling that match was really hard, I felt blind. I eventually figured out that if I wiped this part of my eye I could see, but other than that it was just like wiping it into my eyes for most of the match."

Violence and blood is something that has been part of AEW on a consistent basis over the years. From deathmatches to exploding barbed wire, the company hasn't shied away from that. While that hasn't been for all viewers, Wheeler Yuta believes the company has something for everyone.

"You know, I think that AEW is a place where we can really provide something for everyone," he said. "I think there's those little niches of different types of wrestling. And I think that because this sort of escalating violence hasn't happened on TV in such a long time. I think that's something that we've done a little bit in AEW.

"But, I think there's a little bit for everyone, so if that part is not your cup of tea, maybe there's something else you can watch. I specifically remember telling my mom not to watch the Jon Moxley match, but she watched the rest of the show, and she loved it. Maybe there's a bit here and there that you can kind of pick and choose from."

Tony Khan recently added Samoa Joe to the roster, which is something Wheeler Yuta discussed. He believes that it is important to make people like him proud in the future.

"It's another just superimposing, super talented presence just to have around," Yuta said. "I think it's really positive just to have all these great guys, it makes you have to step up your game. When he made his debut was at Supercard, the same show when I won the Pure Title. So, I am walking back with the Pure Title on my shoulder, I'm like, 'oh yeah, I did it, I am pretty proud of myself,' and then none of us had seen him all day.

"I'm like, 'oh man, this is cool,' and then I look over and Samoa Joe's walking past me, and I'm like, 'alright, this is real, this is a real thing.' This is some expectations, I have to be able to uphold what Ring Of Honor's past has been, and what it's going to be in the future. Like, the torch has been passed to me, but I've got to make guys like that proud."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

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