Despite now working for different companies, that hasn’t altered the relationship between AEW’s QT Marshall and WWE’s Cody Rhodes.

Marshall still proudly proclaims himself as Cody’s friend, as seen in his latest social media post. The leader of The Factory stable in AEW gave Cody well-deserved praise for wrestling through a lengthy Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins despite tearing his pec earlier that weekend.

Beyond their individual paths in pro wrestling, Marshall and Cody are also business partners, owning and operating “The Nightmare Factory” professional wrestling school in Atlanta, Georgia. The two reach out to one another for several reasons, whether that be friendship or business ventures that tether them together.

“We talk every day. Every day,” QT told Desert Island Graps. “… He doesn’t go into full detail of what’s going to happen when he’s about to go out [in WWE], but obviously, we still communicate. He’s the closest thing I have to a best friend, I guess. He’s somebody that really went above and beyond to open a door for me, and he’ll be the first to tell you he opened the door. I did all the work. You do need it sometimes, you do need someone to open that door for you, and he was willing to do it.”

As mentioned, just hours before “Hell In A Cell” began, WWE confirmed Rhodes suffered a torn pectoral while training for his scheduled match. Nevertheless, Rhodes was adamant he would still compete in the HIAC match against Rollins, and he did for over 20+ minutes to pick up the victory.

WWE’s latest update regarding Cody Rhodes is that he will likely be out of action for 9 months while he rehabs his surgically repaired pectoral muscle. We will keep you updated on any news regarding Cody Rhodes’ recovery.

And Marshall isn’t the only person in the AEW locker room that’s recognizing just how tough Cody is for this feat. FTW Champion Ricky Starks commented on Marshall’s post and added that Cody is indeed a “legend”.

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