Yesterday a video was released of John Cena meeting Misha Rohozhyn, a 19-year-old Ukrainian refugee with Down syndrome. At the end of their exchange Rohozhyn had a clear message to Cena, say hello to Alexa Bliss for him.

The Wall Street Journal originally shared the story of Rohozhyn’s family and their unfortunate circumstances, as they had fled the city of Mariupol after it was besieged by Russian bombardment. Misha’s mother told her son they were fleeing the way they were so they could find his hero, Cena, in a bid to calm him down and make the process of escaping easier.

According to the report by the Wall Street Journal, the WWE Superstar saw the story and was touched by the strength and resolve of the family. He was keen for Misha, who is unable to speak, to not “think of his mom in a different light,” after she had told Misha why they were fleeing just to meet him. That led to the visit being scheduled in the Netherlands, where the family has sought refuge, so Cena could personally meet Misha and spend time with him and his family.

As Cena was departing from his visit, where he gave Misha WWE merchandise and ate cake, he stated that “she will definitely get that, she will definitely see that,” and he was a man of his word as the former “Raw” Women’s Champion has responded to Misha’s request.

Bliss took to social media to send Misha a message of her own, stating: “Hi Misha!!! sending so many hugs ! Thank you @JohnCena !!! This warms my heart so much.”


Cena’s visit was the first time Misha had smiled since this difficult ordeal began for him, so hopefully receiving a message from Bliss will now add to making this time period easier. That is the sentiment that Cena pushed during his visit as well, stating “I hope he gets more good days.”

Cena will be returning to “WWE Raw” on June 27 in order to celebrate his 20th anniversary with the company, which will mark his first appearance since WWE SummerSlam last year when he was defeated by Roman Reigns. He tweeted that it has “been far too long and what a special occasion to be able spend with the WWE Universe,” which will be another situation that Misha will no doubt enjoy witnessing.

Meanwhile, Bliss competed in the main event of “WWE Raw” earlier this week, coming up short in the fatal four-way to crown a new number one contender for the “Raw” Women’s Championship, which was won by Rhea Ripley.

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