Big Damo Explains Why WWE ‘Were Idiots’

Former WWE Superstar Big Damo has claimed that he thinks WWE are "idiots" for not putting the NXT Championship on Eric Young during his time in WWE "NXT."

Damo worked alongside Young in WWE "NXT" as a member of the SAnitY faction, and he told the "Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling" podcast that "there was a period" where he believes Young could have faced Shinsuke Nakamura and "probably should have won the belt." While he thinks that Triple H "adored him and knew exactly what he brought to the table," Damo is firm on thinking WWE "should have done something with him."

"That's me as a fan as much as a guy involved because I think EY, they vastly underrated EY," he said. "... It was a bizarre time, and then I know we turned face kind of naturally and all these things. I get it, that's why we went more tag team-based, and then I went in the singles run and stuff instead because the crowd took to us in a different way."

During SAnitY's time on the black and gold brand, Young and Alexander Wolfe (who now works as Axel Tischer) were able to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III, which Damo admitted he "did not expect." He was pleased with that though as it was a "great breakout" for Wolfe, which he thought was "really cool."

He also reflected on how it was "pretty cool" to be part of the faction and see the rise, which he attributed to Nikki Cross and Wolfe, who he believes what they did "drew people in."

"I guess because the WWE just let what happen naturally happen, the crowd just started to like us, started to dig us so we went baby[face] ... But it was those two who really brought the energy, and it was actually really cool to be a part of because I noticed it slowly and slowly. I think having that big, pompous entrance made people immediately stand up and take notice and their energy, and obviously, all four of us are really good in-ring, so that helps too."

Ultimately, SAnitY ended up being moved to the main roster, but they struggled to transition, with the group ending up being disbanded as they all moved into new roles. Only Nikki A.S.H. remains a part of the WWE roster from the four SAnitY members, while Damo recently got the chance to debut with AEW.

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