Booker T has given his thoughts on Tony Khan’s post-AEW “Double Or Nothing” press conference comments about Eric Bischoff during his latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast, which he described as a “meltdown.”

Khan held nothing back when responding to Bischoff’s claims that CM Punk has been the “biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling,” by stating his comments were “f*cking bullsh*t.” Questions about Bischoff are something Booker believes should have been met with a “no comment” answer, as he thinks a boss would “know how to handle that question.”

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer questioned if Tony “wants to be Dana White” due to all the cursing that came in that answer, but he believes the UFC President curses “in context.”

“That’s like locker room – not even locker room, that’s like the girls in the bathroom … that is ridiculous,” he stated. “Then all the F-bombs and whatnot … But just to be saying stuff just to be saying it is like doing spots just to be doing spots. That’s the way I look at it.”

Booker is of the opinion that people are “looking for a reason to criticize” so he questioned why Khan ended up giving them “that ammunition.” For him, the comments about Bischoff proved that the AEW President “needs to know how to change his levels” and that Bischoff is “really getting under his skin.”

Booked believes that people should “not talk about it on social media” with things being better dealt with in person. He felt that Khan fell “to that low” when talking about Bischoff rather than reflecting on the PPV itself.

“But for me, at my biggest event of the year, the last person that I am thinking about, I am not thinking about the after-party. I am thinking about getting with my guys and having a celebration with this great night that we had,” he said.

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