For years, a photo has been doing the rounds on social media of Sting standing alongside two young fans. It was widely believed that the pair of teenage boys were brothers Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) and Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas).

Turns out, the kids in the photo were not the sons of WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda (I.R.S.), but in fact just a bunch of regular fans who grew up loving “The Icon” in his heyday in WCW. As seen below, Wyatt took to Instagram Thursday to provide clarification on the photo. He would also confirm not knowing the identity of the two young fans.

I never thought I would actually do this…. But I have seen this picture seemingly every time I check my social media for years now. I’ve seen it on wrestling news sites, I have even signed this picture for fans. One of my good friends sent me this TODAY, and he was far from the first to make the mistake. The truth is I have no idea who the hell these kids are, but I know for sure they are not me or Taylor. It’s always been kind of a hilarious little joke to me but today my curiosity has gotten the best of me. So what say you,bowl cut brothers….. are you out there?? Is this a funny little joke to you too? I think it’s high time you step up and take credit for this cool ass picture of you and prime Stinger. ⭕️


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Wyatt’s story is very similar to the one told by The Undertaker recently. During his appearance on the Out of Character podcast, Taker clarified that the old woman standing next to him in a popular photo from the 1990s was not his grandmother.

“The funny thing about this is I have no clue who that is,” Undertaker said. “I honestly have no idea who that is and why I’m in that lady’s house. I have seen that picture many times, and it’s always either ‘my mom’ or ‘my grandmother’ — I got no clue. I got no clue, but you can tell, yep, that’s the way I dressed, that’s the way I looked, there’s no smile. If that was Nana, I’d at least have some kind of smile.”

It appears Bray Wyatt has been combing through old memories and reminiscing over his career lately. Earlier this week, he shared a never-seen-before backstage photo of himself as The Fiend standing alongside the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) and Erick Rowan, with Roman Reigns photobombing them in the background.

Last month, Wyatt shared a series of posts on Twitter that fans perceived as a sign of his comeback to WWE or pro wrestling in general.

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