Could Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) be making his return to WWE at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell premium live event? Or could he perhaps show up at AEW’s debut show in Los Angeles Wednesday night?

If you’ve glanced over Rotunda’s Twitter account Tuesday, you’d be justified in expecting his imminent comeback.

For starters, Rotunda changed his Twitter name from the previous red circle (⭕️) to WYATT 6, which fans immediately perceived as a sign of his comeback at Hell in a Cell – scheduled six days from the time of the name change. Although his handle remains @Windham6, a change he made last October upon serving his 90-day WWE non-compete clause, Rotunda bringing back ‘WYATT’ to his Twitter name has given a ton of hope to WWE fans hoping for his comeback.

Furthermore, Rotunda changed his profile picture to an image that appears to be a moth flipped upside down with red scribbles drawn over its head. If you look closely, however, you can see The Fiend’s face.

Shortly thereafter, Rotunda seemingly made a reference to his WWE release last July, referring to it as a period of horrible suffering, but not before admitting that he’s over the pain, and he’s got s–t to do now.

That’s not all.

About an hour later, Rotunda expressed his disdain for “irrelevant clowns” making assumptions about his personal character and what led to his departure from WWE.

Rotunda’s final tweet seemed to prepare his fireflies for the inevitable.

Although Rotunda’s tweets seemingly hint at a WWE comeback, it would be premature to rule out an All Elite debut, especially with AEW debuting in Los Angeles Wednesday, with executives from Warner Bros. Discovery in attendance. That said, a report last month suggested that Rotunda has set “a very high asking price” to return to wrestling, which led to his previous talks with AEW falling apart. Rotunda was reportedly making in excess of $4 million a year in WWE prior to his release.

Since his WWE exit, Rotunda has been working on a horror film project along with special effects artist Jason Baker. It would appear from his latest tweets that he’s done with said project.

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