WWE and TNA Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett has taken on the position of Senior Vice President of Live Events for WWE.

Jarrett wrestled for WWE off and on from 1992 until 1999 and then again in 2019 for two matches. While on his podcast Reffin’ It Up, Impact referee and son of Earl Hebner, Brian Hebner revealed how he believes Jarrett will do in the high capacity role.

“This is probably the best move WWE can make,” Hebner said. “Jeff [Jarrett] is a very, very smart guy when it comes to live events. I have worked so many live events with him and I could tell you, man, like, this guy, now this is going back to TNA days, he did every radio, every appearance, he did everything.”

Jeff Jarrett has found success in different major organizations, firstly in WWE, he was able to win the Intercontinental Championship on six different occasions and the World Tag Team Championship alongside partner Owen Hart who tragically passed away in May of 1999 during the “Over the Edge” Pay-Per-View event. Jarrett was also able to win the now-defunct European Championship for one day in 1999.

Jarrett found Championship success in WCW as well, totaling up three WCW United States Championship reigns for a grand total of 184 days. Following his stints in WWE and WCW, Jarrett moved on to a different project known as TNA, which is known today as Impact Wrestling. While in Impact Wrestling Jarrett served as an on-screen wrestler and worked backstage in an executive role before leaving the company in 2014.

While with TNA, Jarrett was able to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship six times and the TNA King of the Mountain Championship once. Jarrett was inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2015 and three years later, in 2018, Jarrett was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In January 2019, Jarrett was hired by WWE to work as a producer, and then in March 2019, he reportedly had been promoted to the creative team. Jarrett was reportedly released from WWE in the first half of 2021.

Brian Hebner recently announced his retirement after over 20 years of refereeing in the professional wrestling business. Brian was a referee for major organizations like WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling. This Sunday at Impact’s 20-year anniversary Pay-Per-View, “Slammiversary”, and the following set of tapings will be his last time in a ring.

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