Following his incredible performance at WWE Hell in a Cell, while wrestling with a torn pectoral muscle, Cody Rhodes apparently won’t be the only person in WWE who will be walking around backstage in a sling.

During the latest episode of “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard,” the Senior Vice President of WWE revealed he’s dealing with a major injury of his own.

“I got me a torn rotator cuff, torn clean off the bone, ain’t nothing there,” Prichard said. “I’m going to get it fixed next Wednesday. [It’ll recover in] six months.”

Similar to the way Rhodes’ arm looked, Prichard shared how he saw discoloration and noticed something was up. The 59-year-old mentioned that he got an MRI during WrestleMania weekend back in April, proving that he needed surgery to fix the issue.

“My shoulder was bugging me so I was going in for treatments on my shoulder and then one day, I look in the mirror and my entire right arm is just black and blue, the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen in your life,” Prichard said. “It didn’t hurt, as a matter of fact, my shoulder pain had gone away. Went to the doctor, and said ‘hey what the hell’s this bruising from?’ They look at it and go ‘You tore your bicep clean off the bone from the shoulder.’ And I’m thinking well how the hell did I do that?

“I’m thinking I feel great, I continue my training, I’m stronger than ever, doing all my stuff, and next thing you know my shoulder starts hurting again but this time it’s a little different pain, it’s intense and it’s not going away. So I got checked out at WrestleMania [38] and the doc says ‘Bruce, your rotator cuff is torn.’

Prichard is currently the Executive Director of both “Raw” and “SmackDown” along with his role as a Senior VP and is viewed as the right-hand man for Vince in many situations, so his absence from the company would be impactful. When asked whether or not he’d be continuing to work his day-to-day job while dealing with his injury, Prichard had this to say.

“Yeah. No, please, come on! It’s my shoulder, it ain’t my head.”

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