Parker Boudreaux is officially a free agent, but don’t expect him to go Major League any time soon.

Boudreaux, the former Harland in “NXT 2.0,” waited out the clock on his 30-day non-compete clause, which came to an end on May 30. There’s been plenty of speculation as to where the former collegiate football standout may land following his exit from WWE, and one of the promotions that curated a lot of buzz was Major League Wrestling. However, MLW CEO Court Bauer took to Twitter to dispel any notion that the potential star could be heading to his promotion.

“Don’t expect Parker in MLW,” Court tweeted. “I wish him the best with his future.”

Previously, Bauer had touted the talent of Boudreaux, stating that he has the potential to be a big player one day.

“Know Parker Boudreaux well,” Court tweeted on April 30, a day after Boudreaux’s release. “He used to come to our MLW shows with his crew from UCF Football. Beast of an athlete. Will be a big player one day, if he keeps putting in the work.”

A lot of early hype was made for Boudreaux due to his uncanny resemblance to a young Brock Lesnar. Not only that, but Boudreaux received a stamp of approval from Paul Heyman as the “Next Big Thing.” As Harland in NXT, he was paired with Joe Gacy as a silent enforcer, but reports came out that the company wasn’t seeing him develop as fast as they would have liked him too.

It wasn’t just Court Bauer and Paul Heyman who have sung the praises of Boudreaux, but Jim Ross as well. The legendary AEW announcer didn’t shy away from expressing his interest in Boudreaux becoming All Elite.

“Hope to see you in AEW some day Parker!” JR tweeted back in 2020.

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Have a news tip or correction? Send it to [email protected]


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