Daniel Garcia Explains Why He Wears A Kangol Hat On AEW TV

Daniel Garcia may be a very violent man who will do unspeakable things to Eddie Kingston in a freight elevator, but he's also a man of style, as seen by the Kangol hat he frequently sports on AEW TV. In an episode of Talk is Jericho with the rest of his Jericho Appreciation Society teammates, the young man who sees himself as a sports entertainer explained what inspired him to break out the Kangol for the world to see.


"In real life, I'm really into streetwear and workwear, stuff like that," Garcia said. "I wear really baggy clothing, but I knew I couldn't do baggy pants and a baggy shirt. I know I would look like 120 lbs soaking wet. So I figured 'Okay, I can keep the baggy pants because I just look better in that. I'll just wear a tight tank top or top as if I took a baggy shirt off.' But then one day, I can't remember exactly what it was, what made me think of it, but I just thought to myself 'Man, Triple H used to always wear that backward leather hat.' I was like 'He always used to wear that backward leather hat.'

"And it's funny because, on my Snapchat, something popped up at my wrestling school that I train at. My trainer has a Shawn Michaels costume from the 90s, and it came with the leather hat. And I, this is my first couple months of training, I put it on backward and I'd do Triple H impressions at the gym. Like when he was on 'Tough Enough.' I used to do that at the gym all the time when I first started. I have a picture of myself wearing the bootleg Kangol hat. And I just thought to myself 'Man, I really want to wear this on TV this week.' But I didn't have enough time to get one shipped out or anything, so I went to the mall, and I went to a Lids. And I could only find the baby blue Kangol ones that I wore that one week."


Despite his desire to wear the Kangol hat on "AEW Dynamite" or "AEW Rampage", Garcia admitted that he met some resistance to the idea.

"Everyone backstage was like 'No don't wear that. You don't look good,'" Garcia said.

In the end, though, he has continued to wear the hat after the tides turned backstage and he began being advised to continue doing so. Who exactly advised him?

"Jericho, you guys, Ricky Starks and The Blade," Garcia said. "The people who I know have my back."

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