Daniel Garcia Turned Down AEW Role Before Signing With The Company

Daniel Garcia may be signed with AEW now, but he wasn't always so willing to work with the company.

Before signing with All Elite Wrestling, Garcia did not pick up many wins for the company. Garcia explained on "Talk is Jericho" why he made the choice to turn down work with AEW.


"I just did [work with AEW] in May and the experience for me, personally, it didn't feel great. I really enjoyed the extra work the first time I did it in AEW, but the second round, it was kind of like, whatever ... [AEW] reached out again for me to do it for the Double of Nothing Pay-Per-View and I was just kind of over it. I said no, I turned it down."

Garcia officially signed with AEW in October of 2021 and has since won matches on all AEW shows which include "Dynamite," "Rampage," "AEW: Dark," and "AEW Dark: Elevation." For months, Garcia has been aligned with a group known as 2point0, who, prior to being signed to AEW, were known as EverRise in WWE under the NXT banner.

2point0 and Garcia recently joined up with Chris Jericho and Jake Hager to form a stable known as the Jericho Appreciation Society. The former AEW World Champion Jericho created the group with a sports entertainment gimmick, as he has said that he believes he, himself, is a sports entertainer at heart more than he is a pro wrestler.


At "Double or Nothing", The Jericho Appreciation Society took on Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz in a match dubbed "Anarchy in the Arena." The Jericho Appreciation Society walked away with the win after Jericho and Hager made Danielson pass out in the middle of the ring while having two submission holds applied on the American Dragon at once.

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