DDP Says Recent WWE Promo Made Him Choke Up

DDP is the master of the Diamond Cutter but he sees master promo work coming from Cody Rhodes. On the latest "DDP SnakePit," Page spoke with Jake Roberts and co-host Conrad Thompson about how Rhodes has the capability to captivate an audience with his words, and Page believes that could be him going to acting school in Los Angeles at an early age.

"I don't know if Cody would be the promo guy that he is [without that], 'cause I think today, and I'm not picking favorites, but I think Cody is one of the best promo guys on the planet," Page said.

"He's got his own style," Roberts added.

"He's got his own style and it's nothing like his father," Page continued. "It's very important to him that he is an original and his own man, but I think, get you into the arena, walk you into the arena, want to pull in to see that match. He talks you into it, you know? Just like his dad."

"I think Cody has a chance to be a great world champion down the road," Roberts said considering the episode focused on world champions. "... He's got it all, he's the total package."

Page mentioned how it was Rhodes' "Raw" after WrestleMania promo where he mentioned his late father, Dusty Rhodes, that really pulled at Page's heartstrings.

"Going into it, the moment and they showed that in the one promo that [Cody] did that he was out there and it was so heartfelt and it choked me up watching it," he said.

Thompson then made the prediction that fans could see Cody Rhodes unseat Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam in July considering he's been promoted big time by the company as one of their major stars.

"I know that when Cody started up there, that was his vision, but he was too young for that," Page said. "He was too young for that and the way his career went, he got lost in that mid-card spot and it took a lot of balls, man. I don't know what kind of money he was making then, but it was a lot. I would guess it was upwards or around half a million dollars a year. Who the f**k walks away from half a million dollars a year and even though you're not in the best spot, you're in a midcard spot? The guy walks away who believes he should be wearing that big gold.

"I got nothing but respect for Cody for where he's at and how he got there. He's freakin' earned it, man," Roberts reiterated.

Rhodes' potential chase for the gold will have to be put on hold for now as he is recovering from a torn pectoral muscle. WWE estimates that the recovery and rehab process for Rhodes will take around 9 months.