Britt Baker Details Working Through Injury As AEW Women's Champion

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D has one hand in the wrestling industry and another in dentistry but, unfortunately for her, they're the same hand.

In a recent interview with "Mel Magazine", Dr. Baker said she manifested her biggest fear last year when she fractured her right wrist during her reign as AEW Women's World Championship in 2021, "and I'm right-handed. That was tricky.

"I didn't want to take any time off," Baker continued, "I didn't want to let the fans down, my boss down, the women's division down, or the roster down, so I fought through it."

Wrestling wasn't the only tricky aspect of the wrist injury, as Dr. Baker's other profession also requires considerable use of her hands. "I had to delay a lot of appointments with extractions and heavy-duty dental office stuff," she said, explaining that her inability to wear the brace as often as required delayed healing. "I was able to still work in the dental office. I just had to be choosy about what I could do or not do."

The trials and tribulations were an opportunity for growth and learning. Baker described the injury as an "eye-opening experience," realizing that, "in the blink of an eye, something you love can be taken from you, so we need to be thankful and we need to be careful."

Baker won the AEW Women's World Championship and held it for 290 days before finally being unseated by current champion Thunder Rosa on March 16th of this year. Baker has since gone on to win the Women's Owen Hart Invitational Tournament at AEW Double or Nothing, defeating Ruby Soho in the finals.