The character Ezekiel may have just debuted on “Raw,” but he has major goals for his career.

Ezekiel, who is portrayed by the same wrestler who portrayed the former WWE superstar Elias, has been acting as Elias’ younger brother since the “Monday Night Raw” after WrestleMania 38. The former Elias has been part of the WWE main roster since 2017 where has had little championship success, only notching a few 24/7 title victories. WWE decided last summer to do away with the original Elias character, showing a series of vignettes that ended with a tombstone that read Elias, 2017-2021.

The two characters have similarities, such as their catchphrases, with Elias’ being “Who wants to walk with Elias?” and Ezekiel’s being “Who wants to hear Zeke speak?” In an interview with NBA Sports Boston, Ezekiel discussed possibly winning tag gold with his brother at some point.

“Me and [Elias], tag team champions, I can’t imagine anything better than that,” Ezekiel said. “Me and Elias, we’ve not talked now for quite a few weeks. I’d love to know where he is. I’d love to have him come out to Monday Night Raw and let’s just get into it. Let’s just be the tag team we always dreamed of.”

Considering Ezekiel is played by Elias, them winning the Tag Team Championships may be a hard feat for WWE to pull off. Kevin Owens has been out to prove that Ezekiel is actually Elias since Ezekiel debuted on WWE TV. Owens and Ezekiel had their first match last night, where Owens defeated Ezekiel in a little under 10 minutes after hitting him with a Stunner. Ezekiel explained why he thinks Owens has been so persistent in proving that he is actually Elias.

“I haven’t had the chance to have a sit-down chat with Kevin [Owens],” Ezekiel explained. “Perhaps he just misses my older brother the same way I miss my older brother and maybe we can connect on that.”

Ezekiel may want to win the tag titles with his older brother, Elias, but that isn’t his only goal.

“I’ve got two big dreams,” Ezekiel revealed. “One is being Tag Team Champions with my older brother, that’s the ultimate dream and then whoever we face, cool with me. And then the other one is Edge.”

At the same Premium Live Event where Ezekiel lost to Owens, Hell in a Cell, Edge teamed with fellow The Judgment Day members Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest to defeat AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan.

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