Former WWE Games writer Justin Leeper discovered an old storyline pitch in a pile of discarded documents, and shared the contents with his wordpress on Wednesday. The story was pitched for WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011, and involved The Miz and John Morrision’s road to WrestleMania, along with their parallels to a certain 80’s duo: The Rockers.

The 15-part pitch details a split between Miz and Morrison. Miz, jealous after “Morrison wins gold on SD [SmackDown],” calls Morrison a B-lister, which leads to Morrison calling Miz the “Marty Jannetty” of their tag team, referring to Shawn Michaels’s less successful Rockers partner.

The story would then take a wild turn, as Marty Jannetty shows up the next week as John Morrison’s tag partner, which leads to multiple matches involving Jannetty, as well as Shawn Michaels getting involved in the feud. There are many quirky sub-ploys, including one that involves Miz using the Superstar Threads feature to “make Morrison’s outfit hideous.” Eventually Morrison and Miz wrestle a 20-minute Iron Man Match at WrestleMania for Morrison’s WWE Intercontinental Championship and Miz’s WWE United States Championship.

The story was scrapped because “WWE wasn’t too into it – they didn’t feel the player would enjoy being Miz in the scenarios I had come up with – so it was scrapped,” according to Leeper. None of the recording or preparations were made for the storyline, and it ended up in a drawer, until Leeper came across it this week.

The surprising addition to the story is Marty Jannetty, as Jannetty was not in the final version of WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011. Jannetty has never been featured in a WWE video game.

Both The Miz & John Morrison were featured in the most recent WWE 2K22, though Morrison has since been released from the company.

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