Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss went toe-to-toe in a No Holds Barred match at WWE Hell In A Cell with Moss coming out on the winning end. Corbin’s former sidekick hit his Punchline finisher before wedging a chair around Corbin’s neck and blasting him in the head with the full force of the steel steps. A brutal-looking sight.

In an effort of continuing the storyline, WWE.com released an update about Corbin’s health following the fight.

“Following the incredible beatdown he received at the hands of Madcap Moss in a brutal No Holds Barred Match during the WWE Hell in a Cell Premium Live Event, Happy Corbin was evaluated at a local medical facility on Sunday night and was released with a minor neck contusion.”

The bad blood between Corbin and Moss has been brewing for weeks as the former sent the latter out in an ambulance following a bad joke made on Moss’ end. This left Moss sidelined before making his return this past Friday on “SmackDown” as a new man with a new look. Gone were his goofy red shorts and suspenders and in were professional-looking black wrestling trunks, which Moss wore on Sunday.

The match at Hell in a Cell saw Corbin in control for a good deal of the action, seemingly having Moss’ number at every corner. Corbin was ruthless in his offense but, ultimately, Moss overcome the odds and got the win. This elicited a huge reaction from the Chicago crowd and it also got Moss some praise from several notable pro wrestling personalities outside of the company. After the win, Moss could be heard thanking Chicago for the love and rubbing the victory into his former friend’s face.

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