Jim Johnston appears to have an itch to get back into the studio and produce pro wrestler entrance themes. Johnston was released by WWE back in 2017 and it was his work that led to the iconic entrance music of countless WWE Hall of Famers. Johnston re-opened the doors to making music for modern stars last night on Twitter when he asked who in the industry needed a new entrance theme.

“Hey all… it’s Jim here! I wanted to ask you all a quick question, which wrestler do you think is in need of a new theme or which wrestler do you want to see me do a potential collaboration with?”

The floodgates were open and the fan feedback came through with an industry-wide amount of suggestions that had AEW’s Wardlow getting several mentions. One of the first talents to take Johnston up on his offer was a man of legal means, “Smart” Mark Sterling, who noted he’s in the market for a song to saunter out to.

Another set of talents were the Bollywood Boyz who popped in after a fan reccomended them.

Johnston asking the question allowed the musician to take a stroll down memory lane as fans brought up some of his classic songs and collaborations of yesteryear. One band that Johnston tagged in the replies was Motorhead, whom Johnston collaborated with to craft Triple H’s iconic WWE theme.

“How could I possibly forget collaborating with Motorhead? It was one of my most enjoyable experiences of my life!”

Johnston mentioned in 2021 that he was suprised AEW never contacted him for work.

“No (they never reached out) and it always amazed me from a business angle,” Johnston stated. “If I was in that work room, I would say ‘Vince just fired Jim, this is a way we could really stick it to them. Find that guy and get him in here this afternoon.’ It doesn’t make sense to me.”

In a 2021 interview, Johnston revealed that he was never a fan of wrestling, but from an artistic standpoint that played into his favor.

“I think that ended up being an incredible asset because I was never a mark kind of person for it,” he said. “I was always able to approach it from a distance, like scoring a film.”

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