Vince McMahon has been given many names by people he has employed over the years, but according to Kane, the WWE Chairman is a “visionary in a number of ways.”

The WWE Hall Of Fame spoke to “Honest Offense with Eric Cervone” about McMahon and how he was often ahead of the curve in different aspects as a business owner. He pointed out that Vince “understood that when cable TV really took off,” there could “only be one” wrestling promotion.

This was a change from the territory days, which Kane described as “a little bit like Mafia,” and was the standard for professional wrestling beforehand. Each promotion would run its own locations with its own talent and they would not go outside of that or book other wrestlers, which is something that McMahon completely went against.

“They weren’t just all just going to stay, ‘We are all just going to abide by that gentleman’s agreement,'” Kane said. “So he was the first one to really start going to other places outside of his New York territory.”

McMahon has often been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, which Kane believes is “his true brilliance.” WWE brought in a website very early on, having a presence on the internet before many, while McMahon also saw that things were transitioning to streaming when he created the WWE Network. The decision to abolish his PPV model was something that was met by a lot of skepticism at the time, but it did prove to be the right call.

“He can figure out where entertainment, technology, and delivery is going, and he just ends up getting there first,” Kane said. “It is almost like he’s got some sort weird, you know, ESP about it.”

Kane has not stepped into a wrestling ring since the WWE Royal Rumble in 2021 where he was a surprise entrant, but he has never officially stated that he is retired. He has still continued to make sporadic appearances for the company, but, his focus right now is on being the Mayor of Knox County.

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