Lana Teases Big Return For Tonight’s AEW ‘Dynamite’

With just hours before AEW "Dynamite" begins, former WWE superstar Lana (CJ Perry) is hinting that we may see the return of someone near and dear to her.

Lana took to Twitter late this afternoon and explained that she has the sudden urge to watch tonight's episode of AEW's premier show. With recent reports pointing to Miro's return to the United States just last week, it looks like all the pieces are in place for a potential re-appearance in AEW.


Of course, this could also mean she is the one that will appear on "Dynamite" tonight, or a combination of the two together. Whatever the case may be, we will keep you updated on any surprises that occur during AEW's debut in Los Angeles.

Miro's most recent match with AEW took place at "Full Gear" in November 2021, when he suffered a loss to Bryan Danielson in the tournament to decide the next #1 contender for the AEW World Title. Following that bout, it was revealed that Miro was suffering from a hamstring injury that would put him out of action for the foreseeable future.

Miro spent some of his time away from the squared circle living in Brooklyn, New York and working on the CBS show, "East New York", airing Sundays at 9 p.m. in the Fall. It was also revealed that he signed a four-year contract extension with AEW earlier this year, which will keep him with All Elite Wrestling until at least early 2026.


As for Lana, she was reportedly in talks for a one-time appearance in this year's WWE Women's Royal Rumble. She was released from the company last June, and since then, she has yet to have a legitimate return match. She is, however, advertised for the upcoming WES (Wrestling Entertainment Series) inaugural event that was postponed to July 9.