AEW’s Matt Hardy has admitted that professional wrestling is “not necessarily mainstream right now” when speaking to “Drinks With Johnny.”

Debates over ratings are something that happens frequently in wrestling, especially as more details become clear about the formation of Warner Bros. Discovery in regards to how it could affect AEW. Tony Khan often discusses the ratings, having pointed out how AEW won the ‘Friday Night Wars,’ which is something that Eric Bischoff was left confused by. The two men have consistently gone back and forth in recent months about the business, particularly with Bischoff labeling CM Punk the “biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling.”

But nowadays, neither WWE nor AEW comes close to the ratings that took place in the Attitude Era, which is something Matt was part of. He admitted that he hopes, “one day, there will be some star that comes along that has mainstream appeal,” referencing names like The Rock and Hulk Hogan as examples of what he means.

“I feel like Wardlow’s is a guy that might have that possibility here in AEW. I think he’s very special, he’s a good-looking dude, chicks love him, he’s super athletic and talented,” Matt said. “You have a guy like that and hopefully, that does elevate the view of a company and kind of their status where they can grow and become more mainstream or whatever.”

Wardlow is currently on the rise in AEW, especially after defeating MJF at AEW’s “Double Or Nothing” in order to rid himself of that contract and become an official AEW employee (in storyline). Wardlow made it clear on AEW “Dynamite” this week that he now has his eyes set on the TNT Championship.

But while names such as that are beginning to break out, Matt isn’t too worried because “wrestling has its niche,” and the former WWE Superstar believes “those fans are always going to be loyal”.

“I don’t think they’re going to leave, and it’s also one thing wrestling just has been proven,” he said. “If you have a good product and you do it over and over, people will tune in and they will watch it. It’s a proven draw for television.”

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