After news came out regarding Jeff Hardy being arrested on Monday morning for driving under the influence, many fans questioned what’s next for “The Hardy Boyz” in All Elite Wrestling.

AEW Owner Tony Khan immediately removed Jeff and Matt from their impending AEW Tag Team Championship match on “Dynamite” and released a statement announcing he was suspending Jeff without pay. Khan also said that the former WWE Champion can only return to the company once he successfully completes treatment and maintains his sobriety.

With Jeff set to be off television for the foreseeable future, this leaves Matt in an unfortunate situation without his tag team partner. The former WWE Tag Team Champion spoke about the situation on the latest “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.”

“I’m probably going to let the beard grow back in and we’ll see where that takes me,” Hardy said. “As far as what I’m doing going forward, I’m sure I will be doing something in some capacity on AEW. I’m gonna change it up a little bit, tweak things a little bit and try to make some magic happen.”

The AEW President did state that the company would be willing to help Jeff in getting treatment for substance abuse and that Jeff has indicated to them he’s open to receiving it. Unfortunately, this is Jeff’s third DUI in three years so he is facing a felony.

Matt and Jeff have been vocal about this being their last run as a tag team and with Jeff facing a felony when the two could reunite seems uncertain, at best.

“I look at it as a challenge, as an artist,” Hardy said. “There’s really no timetable on what’s happening so I very much look forward [to it]. I had a great conversation with Tony Khan today, just talked with him a little bit so we’ll see. We’ve got a few weeks to work on stuff so I’m just excited for it.

“I look at it as a challenge as opposed to looking at everything as a setback which obviously it’s very disappointing and heartbreaking that I’m not going to be teaming with my brother. We want to have this last great run or whatever but I’m going to make the most out of whatever opportunity I am given. I will be positive and optimistic as always.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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