Did The Rock Give Pat McAfee Permission To Use His Catchphrase?

On the June 24 edition of "WWE SmackDown," color commentator Pat McAfee challenged Happy Corbin to a bout at SummerSlam, and utilized one of The Rock's electrifying catchphrases while doing so. But did he get the People's Champ's okay to use his "millions and millions" line?

"In the wrestling world, when you say somebody else's catchphrase it's kind of a thing," McAfee said on his "Pat McAfee Show." "Don't want to go too far in the weeds, but did get permission beforehand from Dwayne Johnson to be able to say it."

McAfee noted that when he was made aware that he'd be cutting a promo, he messaged the Rock to see if it was cool to use the catchphrase.

"He actually responded and said, 'Hey give me some context on how you're going to do this. Gimme some context on how you're going to do this so we can really get this thing going," McAfee said. :So I'm very, very, very, very grateful and thankful for The Rock, and I appreciate the hell out of him on the backside of it, saying, 'Hey, pretty good usage of it.'"

"I think it's cool that he's still so engaged and he still follows it so much," said AJ Hawk, a former NFL linebacker and current co-host of the Pat "McAfee Show." McAfee can't fathom how Rock is able watch wrestling at all with such a wild workload that includes movies and operating the upcoming XFL. Either way, McAfee expressed his gratitude for Rock taking the time out of his schedule to help a "good brother" out.

"I appreciate the hell out of you, man," McAfee said. "I appreciate the opportunity to do it and when I finally got the opportunity to do so for saying, 'Salude! Aloha, big uce!'

The Rock certainly does seem to make an effort to stay engaged. Just a few weeks ago, he gave praise to Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins for the effort that they put in their match at Hell In A Cell. This upcoming episode of "SmackDown" we're seemingly going to get a response from Corbin regarding a potential SummerSlam match with McAfee.