Ricky Starks believes that he is one of the best trash-talkers in the wrestling business right now compared to other “corny people” that are in the industry.

Starks told “Bleav In Pro Wrestling” that “really no one in wrestling is as good,” in comparison to him “when it comes to roasting,” which has been a big part of his character in AEW. Starks often cuts promos on his rivals, being the main talker within the Team Taz faction both in the ring and during backstage segments. His ability on the microphone is something that has led to comparisons to The Rock, who is a legendary promo in the wrestling business.

The FTW Champion finds that AEW has “a lot of terrible corny comebacks” from other wrestlers in the company, although he didn’t name and shame anyone he thinks is in that category. But when Starks is around, everyone is a potential target. One fan learned this on “AEW Dynamite” last week when Starks chirped back at them after they heckled him.

“Sometimes I may have something loaded in the chamber that I’ve thought of right before I’ve gone out, sometimes they just come off the top of my head,” he said. ” … We have a lot of corny people … It’s terrible, and this is why some of these people get made fun of by people like me. I’m a very quick-witted person. I have a very silver, metal tongue; I will slice through you. You may be able to beat my ass, but I can make you cry.”

Even though promos and talking is a big part of Starks’ character, he recently stated that he can “really whoop anyone’s ass,” as he is a hot-tempered individual. That’s something that he has showcased throughout his run in AEW, where he has had plenty of opportunities to shine inside the ring.

Starks was in action this past weekend at AEW’s Double Or Nothing working alongside Powerhouse Hobbs to compete in the AEW Tag Team Championship match. Despite an impressive showing from the Team Taz pair, it was Jurassic Express that were able to retain their titles against them and the pairing of Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee.

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