Ricky Starks Chooses Top WWE Star As Fantasy Member Of Team Taz

Following his debut against then TNT Champion Cody Rhodes in June 2020, Ricky Starks would make an immediate splash in AEW when he joined Team Taz the following month.

Aligning himself alongside ECW Legend Taz and "The Machine" Brian Cage, Starks would soon find himself as a mainstay on AEW programming and the future FTW Champion.


Speaking on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Podcast, the Absolute One would discuss in depth his current relationship with "The Human Suplex Machine", both in a wrestling and commentary capacity.

"The relationship that he and I have is that I don't necessarily always have to go to him and ask him for advice," said Starks. "There are times where he'll come to me and say to keep this in mind or do this or do that. I definitely think he's helped me out when it comes to my matches and things of that nature. Then when it came to the promos, we collaborated quite a bit. I don't think people realize that.

"So I like that about Taz," said Starks. "He sees the positive and he tries to accentuate the positives with me. There are bad things that I do that he nipped in the bud and I'd never do it again. So the relationship is really good, I think."


When asked about who he could see potentially joining the current group of Powerhouse Hobbs, Hook, and himself, the FTW Champion had an interesting external suggestion.

"I mean, if I had to pick anyone to be in Team Taz, it'd probably be Sasha Banks. Yeah, but I think for right now, I like it how it is. I like the fact that it's this small group. I don't want to overpopulate it and then it becomes something boring and just corny. Most importantly, I just don't want it to get to that, but I think for right now, it's good now we have it. We all have seemingly found our groove a bit and this is the best version of Team Taz in my head by far."

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