Ahead of their scheduled title match at WWE Money in the Bank on July 2, Ronda Rousey defended her title against Natalya in last night’s post-SmackDown dark match. Rousey ended up pulling out the victory by using her signature armbar submission to make Natalya tap out, according to “PWInsider”.

The two friends-turned-foes also appeared during last night’s televised show but focused more on exchanging insulting words rather than blows. Nattie, dressed up as Ronda Rousey and pushing a stroller, replayed footage of Rousey stuck in the sharpshooter two weeks prior, and said that though she didn’t tap out, she thinks she was very close to giving in. She threw some shade at Rousey’s title win and then referred to the SmackDown Women’s Champion as “The Saddest Woman on the Planet”, which was enough to draw her from the back.

Rousey explained that she hardly recognized Natalya because “her rack” wasn’t displayed for everyone to see. She noted that she’s different because she doesn’t mutilate her body in pursuit of impossible beauty standards, and Natalya is lacking charisma and talent. Rousey then ripped off Nattie’s jacket but was met with a whack in the face from the baby stroller as the segment wrapped up.

We noted how the two were trending on Twitter last week when they started throwing shade at one another’s personal lives on social media.

“Some[one] needs to tell you your discount onlyfans sister fetish youtube channel is weird and embarrassing, @NatbyNature,” Ronda tweeted out.

“It was either do a channel with my hot sister, or bring people to a rock at the back of my farm to cry and talk about conspiracy theories. I chose the sexy sister thing. Cause we might be weird, but we’re not as weird as your hot takes on life. https://onlyfans.com/jenni-neidhart,” Natalya responded.

Though Nattie’s words may be inspired by other theories Rousey has shared, the most notorious conspiracy theory Rousey brought up happened back in 2013. The video she posted to Twitter was from the “ThinkOutsideTheTV” YouTube channel, and its purpose was to highlight a conspiracy theory about the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook shooting. In her initial Tweet, Rousey called it “extremely interesting, and must-watch” content, which was met with outrage online.

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