Ted DiBiase On How He ‘Mended The Fence’ With Vince McMahon

Ted DiBiase initially left WWE on unceremonious terms, but the Million Dollar Man made sure to make amends with Vince McMahon. In a new interview with "Inside The Ropes," The WWE Hall of Famer gave some details as to how much he regrets sending McMahon a letter to announce his exit from the company in 1996.

"I should have gone in and seen him and sat down with him, but I sent him a letter," DiBiase said. "In hindsight, I should have gone in man to man and done it that way. But I went [to WCW] and left there, then when my ministry started in 2000. I didn't have anything to do with wrestling for a while, then I got an opportunity to go back and I finally got a chance to sit down with Vince and said, 'I should have come and talked to you.' He was okay with it, we mended the fence and it has been mended ever since."

DiBiase wrestled his last match for WWE at SummerSlam 1993 against Razor Ramon but remained an active member on the roster as he went on to manage a faction of heels titled Money Inc. A pre-"Stone Cold" Steve Austin eventually became knighted as DiBiase's Million Dollar Champion and at WWE In Your House: Beware Of The Dog, DiBiase made his final appearance for the company before making his leave for WCW.

DiBiase has returned to WWE on several occasions, most notably being a regular presence on NXT back in 2021 as he reintroduced his Million Dollar Championship. Initially, LA Knight would be the man to carry the diamond-studded title in NXT at first but eventually, Cameron Grimes would become the new owner of the belt. The last fans saw of DiBiase was taking his Million Dollar Title back from Grimes.