The Hurt Business is reuniting on-camera for a special that will premiere Friday on the WWE Network and Peacock. Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin will sit down for a new episode of “Table For 3”.

The Hurt Business formed during the summer of 2020, while WWE programming was still being produced in the ThunderDome. MVP says it was Paul Heyman who first advocated for pairing MVP with Lashley. Heyman held the position of Director of “Raw” at the time, but the members also had some influence over the direction of stable.

“We were fortunate at that point to have a little bit of input, Bobby had the idea for a management type stable and a Suge Knight type character,” MVP recalled during an interview earlier this year. “Once he put me and Bobby together, the thought of adding Shelton was great and we were excited about adding Shelton and it was cool that they were with us on that.

“Then when it came to adding a fourth member, I knew Cedric from around but Shelton actually had a relationship with him from his time in Ring of Honor. What we ended up doing was we felt like we needed a young gun and a high flier to round out the group and when we were given our options of who it could be, we felt that Cedric fit the most and simultaneously round out what we were trying to do. It was really cool that we were allowed a lot of input into who we wanted [for the group] and how we wanted to do it.”

The Hurt Business won over fans and captured some championship gold during their run. Lashley claimed the WWE United States Championship in August 2020. Alexander and Benjamin were the Raw Tag Team Champions starting in December 2020 and Lashley won the WWE Championship for the first time in March 2021.

It was around that same time WWE decided to splinter The Hurt Business, despite the objections of members of the group. Lashley and MVP ousted Benjamin and Alexander on television and continued on with The Hurt Business as a two-man unit.

The Hurt Business briefly reunited last September, but the faction dissolved again earlier this year when MVP turned on Lashley to begin managing Omos. Their feud lasted several months and also involved Alexander.

Benjamin just returned from an undisclosed injury. He had a match during the taping of “Main Event” on Monday night and before that had been out of action for about a month.

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