What Happened After WWE Hell In The Cell Went Off The Air

While injured, Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins during tonight's Hell in a Cell event.

As noted, Rhodes suffered a partially torn right pectoral tendon during a brawl with Seth Rollins this past Monday on WWE RAW. The tendon tore completely off the bone during weight training on Friday.

After WWE "Hell In A Cell" went off the air, Rhodes took the mic and announced that he will discuss his injury more tomorrow on "RAW."

Rhodes also said that he wanted everyone to know that no one convinced him to come out to perform and that he made the decision.

"I'm sure I'm gonna explain things a little further tomorrow, I'll be very brief. No one convinced me, with a torn pec, to come out here. It was solely my decision. You would have to literally kill me from staying away from this ring. Ten times out of ten, I would have made the same decision," Rhodes said.

Below is a video of Rhodes' promo:

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