Over the years, many of Vince McMahon’s former employees have opened up about their relationship with him, both positively and negatively, but William Regal insisted they had “nothing but a great relationship.”

During the recent episode of the “Gentleman Villain Podcast,” Regal insisted that “it doesn’t matter what’s happened recently,” in relation to WWE releasing him back in January, as that “doesn’t change” his view of the WWE Chairman. Regal insists he has always been “very easy to work with,” as he would just ask “what do you need [from the job]?”

“I’ve always known he’s my boss, so I have never got too friendly with him because I knew … one day, he might want to fire me. I’ve had an incredible, always polite, great working relationship with him,” he said. “Whatever I did or however I felt in WCW, it had gone by the time I got to WWE, and I was never that way inclined, to be honest, but it was just a, ‘What do you need? Yes,’ and I am happy.”

Regal admitted that he knew McMahon was his boss and while they could “have a little laugh and a joke now and then,” there was always going to be a moment when “it’s time to go.” The wrestling legend has landed on his feet post-WWE by working with AEW as part of the Blackpool Combat Club, as there are “no hard feelings there because that’s business.”

He also stated that he “will always have a loyalty” because without Mr. McMahon’s okay, Regal believes he “would have died in 1999.”

“So, I owe him my life. When I had my neck surgery, he might not have even known but it was his company that paid me to get the best surgeon, the only surgeon in the world who could do the surgery that I needed,” he said.

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