It looks like WWE may be changing up the way one of their rising SmackDown stars is presented.

Last night during WWE “SmackDown”, fans may have noticed a slight tweak to the name of Madcap Moss. Over commentary, the announcers were referring to him as simply “Madcap”. Furthermore, when the No Holds Barred match between Madcap and Happy Corbin was announced for “Hell in a Cell” this Sunday, the graphic for the bout only had the name “Madcap” used as his title.

However, as of this writing, “Madcap Moss” is still the WWE star’s Twitter name, and when posted the official announcement about the match, they were still referring to him as “Madcap Moss”. It is possible these will change up at a later date as the switch becomes applied throughout the company.

We noted how Madcap returned to the blue brand last night with new theme music and the proclamation that his former persona, Madcap Moss, “isn’t just gone, [he] buried him.” Happy Corbin would make his presence known but ultimately refused to fight Madcap. This led to WWE official Adam Pearce announcing an impromptu match between the two friends-turned-foes immediately, but it was cut short due to a quick DQ as Madcap attacked Corbin with a chair.

This led to later on in the show when Pearce announced a singles match between Corbin and Madcap for Sunday’s “Hell in a Cell” Premium Live Event.

Madcap was signed to WWE back in 2014 and was featured as part of NXT until November 2019. He was then called up in January 2020 and worked some of the “Raw Underground” segments and 24/7 title segments before becoming aligned with Corbin in Fall 2021.

If you would like to see full results from last night’s WWE “SmackDown” in Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio, they are available at this link.


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