WWE Digitally Removes Sasha Banks Sign From Image Gallery

As noted on June 15 by Wrestling Inc.'s own Raj Giri, Sasha Banks was released by WWE, though WWE has yet to confirm her release.

During last night's episode of WWE "SmackDown," a fan could be seen holding a sign that read "Sasha Krew 4 Life." WWE has since digitally removed the sign from an image gallery of highlights from last night's show.

Below are the before and after photos via Wrestle Features:

Since Banks and Naomi walked out on WWE on May 16 before an episode of "RAW," all of their merchandise has been removed from the WWE Shop. Their likenesses also had been removed from any video advertisements or introductions.

Shortly after the incident, WWE issued a statement to Wrestling Inc. which condemned Naomi and Banks for their decision to leave.

According to their statement, Banks and Naomi relinquished their Women's Tag Team Titles because they felt they weren't respected as a tag team, and claimed they felt unsafe inside the ring with certain opponents before walking out.

Stay tuned for updates on Sasha Banks and Naomi.