Sasha Banks Has Reportedly Been Released By WWE

Sasha Banks has been released by WWE, according to Wrestling Inc.'s own Raj Giri.

According to Raj, it's unknown at this point if Banks requested the release or if the decision came from WWE.

As noted earlier, Banks underwent PRK eye surgery earlier this week, and several images and videos from her surgery surfaced on social media. It was one of her rare public appearances since her WWE suspension.

Banks and Naomi staged a walkout from WWE during the May 16 "Raw" and were subsequently handed out indefinite suspensions without pay. According to former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide, Banks' contract was due to be up within two months, though that was never confirmed by any news outlets. To date, neither Banks nor Naomi has commented on their standoff with WWE, though Naomi has removed all references to WWE from her Twitter bio.

WWE has repeatedly mentioned that Banks and Naomi "disappointed the WWE Universe" by staging a walkout. WWE has also removed all references to the two wrestlers from their TV graphic intro, deleted their Facebook pages, and pulled all their merchandise from WWE Shop.

Fightful Select previously reported that "there's no end on the horizon for this situation" and WWE didn't have any no plans to release Banks or Naomi from their contracts, or even freeze their soon-to-expire contracts.

Sasha Banks signed with WWE in August 2012 after excelling in a tryout camp. She leaves the company a former 5-time Raw Women's Champion, 1-time SmackDown Women's Champion, 1-time NXT Women's Champion and three-time WWE Women's Tag Team Champion. She also had the distinct honor of main eventing Night 1 of WrestleMania 37 with Bianca Belair.