If you thought one particular feud on “WWE Raw” was over, think again. WWE revealed that there will be a rematch on the upcoming 6/13 episode of “Raw” as Kevin Owens will take on Ezekial once more following their Hell In A Cell singles bout.

It was Ezekial who actually laid the challenge down to Owens on Monday after Ezekial defeated Otis in singles action. Post-match, Ezekial got on the mic to issue his challenge and Owens sauntered out to question why he’d ever give Ezekial a rematch. Owens conjured up the idea to have Ezekial admit that he is Elias, then he’d grant him his rematch. “I admit my name is Elias,” Ezekial stated. Owens was on cloud nine, but it was all a ruse as Ezekiel said he lied in order to get Owens to agree to the match. Ezekial then gave Owens his patented high-knee before making haste to thwart the advances of Alpha Academy.

Ezekial and Owens had a hard-hitting fight at Sunday’s Hell In A Cell with it appearing that Ezekial would get the surprise win after connecting with a running high-knee and top rope elbow drop early on, but Owens mustered the wherewithal to kick out. The two competitors put on a battle that nearly stole the show and it was Owens who ended up getting the clean finish after connecting with an emphatic stunner to Ezekial and getting the 1-2-3. The match got some good praise from the wrestling world online.

Ezekial is certain to not deter from the idea that he is indeed not Elias. Just recently he said how much it was a dream of his to become a tag team champion with his older brother one day.

“We grew up watching WWE. It was my dream that one day, we would one day be Tag Team Champions. I really think that should happen somewhere down the line. I really hope so.”

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