Xavier Woods Announced For TV Show Reboot

Xavier Woods has been dreaming of the glory days of G4TV and now he sees a "new day" for a classic G4TV reboot. It was previously teased that Woods would be involved in an upcoming venture for G4TV and today it was revealed that he'll be the co-host of G4TV's reboot of "Arena". Woods will join Gina Darling as they resurrect the popular e-sports series that was last seen in 2005.

The two made the announcement via Twitter on the G4TV account.

"Arena" originally aired in 2002 and the hosts were "Star Trek's" Wil Wheaton and "Winnie The Pooh" voice actor Travis Oates.  The first iteration of "Arena" had e-sports teams competing against one another in multiplayer action. The play-by-play commentary was done by the two hosts, so presumably, Woods will be getting to flex his commentary skills. G4TV relaunched in November of 2021 and Woods became the relaunched network's first official cast member.

"This legitimately is a dream job for me," Woods said in a 2021 interview with Sports Illustrated. "It shows that if there is stuff in life you want to do, but people say your passions don't match up, you can say, 'Nah, forget that.' Do the things that make you happy. As long as it's not hurting anyone else, continue on and don't let other people sway you from the path. And hosting G4, this means the world to me."

Woods certainly showed his passion for gaming when he launched his now very popular UpUpDownDown YouTube channel in 2015. The channel has over 2.9 million followers. It was recently revealed that his longtime gaming partner, former WWE star Tyler Breeze, would be making his UUDD return. Breeze was released by WWE back in June 2021.

"I'm really excited for the opportunity to host my own show for the first time ever," Woods said back in 2021. "Wrestling nerds and video game nerds, we're the same kind of nerds. We just need to all come together and no one can stop us."