AEW Star Attacks His Own Tag Partner To Dissolve Team

A shocker left the crowd stunned during tonight's episode of AEW "Dynamite." As Ricky Starks was wrapping up a passionate, heartfelt promo about how he had elevated the FTW Title during his run with it, his own tag team partner, Powerhouse Hobbs, clotheslined him in the back of the head. He also would deliver one of his signature spinebuster to Starks, leaving his longtime partner incapacitated in the ring.


Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs have been working as part of Team Taz since November 2021. Over the course of Team Taz's run, they have seen members like Brian Cage and Hook drift away from the core group, but until now, it was Hobbs and Stark that remained true to Team Taz.

"There's gonna be a point where I'm gonna have to step away on my own, you know? Who knows when that will happen ... I'm having fun, so I don't know what that next step is gonna be. It's just gonna happen," Hobbs told Wrestling Perspective Podcast." So, where is the powerhouse headed next? It looks like a feud against Starks is unavoidable at this point, but in the long run, Hobbs says he has goals of winning the TNT Title and becoming the first black AEW World Champion.

"I plan on being a big name and being around for a long time. That has always been my goal, ever since I wanted to become a professional wrestler. I want people to remember me, and when they say, 'Oh, who's the baddest mf'er?' I want my name to come up."

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