AEW Star Turns Down Darby Allin Handshake After Dynamite

When "AEW Dynamite" went off the air on television, it was with Jon Moxley celebrating the fact that he had just successfully defended the AEW Interim World Championship against Brody King, but for fans in the arena, that was not the end of the show.


FITE TV shared what happened after "Dynamite" went off the air, when Darby Allin and Sting made their way out from the back to show their respect to King for his efforts in the title match. Allin offered a handshake, but King opted to ignore it, walking to the back with Malakai Black instead.

This is clearly setting up a storyline down the road, whether it involves a potential babyface turn for King or simply a tag team feud between House Of Black and Allin and Sting. But, this sign of respect from Allin does play into the fact that he and King were the final two men involved in the Royal Rampage match last week on "AEW Rampage." That was a battle royal match in which the last man standing got the shot at Moxley, with King ultimately choking Allin out and dropping him unceremoniously from the ring apron to the floor to win the match and the title shot. King and Moxley main-evented "Dynamite" this week in what was arguably the biggest singles match of King's career — the big man dominated for the majority of the contest until Moxley pulled out the Paradigm Shift to retain his championship.


What's next for Moxley and his title reign remains a mystery as he continues to wait for CM Punk to make his return from injury, after which the two will presumably engage in an already highly-anticipated unification match. As for King, it appears that he will continue moving forward with Allin in some capacity, while his stablemate Black is feuding with Miro.