Is Alexa Bliss on the verge of a heel turn?

On the 7/11 edition of “WWE Raw,” Bliss teamed up with Asuka in a tag team match against Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H.

During the match, Corey Graves and the announcers mentioned several times that Bliss needed to revert back to the “ruthless version” of herself to reclaim her status as a top star in WWE. Graves would even reference Bliss’ therapy segments that aired back in February.

“I’m gonna catch some flak online, but this is not the same Alexa Bliss we saw pre-therapy,” Graves said on commentary. “It’s like Alexa lost something, she lost a part of herself. Whatever it is, this is not the ruthless, dominant woman who reigned over WWE.”

Saxton then hinted at an imminent Bliss heel turn.

“Maybe Alexa has lost part of her motivation,” Saxton said. “I think it’s only a matter of time before she absolutely explodes. Who would discount what else she has in her arsenal?”

The match ended with Bliss pinning Nikki with a DDT.

After the match, WWE’s Twitter account asked fans to name the potential new tag team of Asuka and Bliss.

While Bliss herself didn’t exhibit any heelish tendencies during the match, the fact the commentary for the entire match was built on Bliss’ lack of ruthlessness is very telling. Several fans on social media believe this could very well be a setup for Bliss turning on Asuka down the road.

Earlier on Monday, Fightful Select reported that WWE’s writing team made a creative pitch for Bliss prior to the show, involving someone stealing Bliss’ Lilly doll. However, the report stressed that WWE didn’t have any definite plans to go through with the idea.

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