Allison Danger Recalls Female ROH Talent Getting Death Threats

From 2000 to 2012, Allison Danger was one of the most prolific female wrestlers on the independent circuit, working for places such as SHIMMER and Ring of Honor. Along the way, the former WWE trainer wrestled the likes of Mickie James, Sumie Sakai, Sara Del Rey, Becky Lynch, and Beth Phoenix before Phoenix joined WWE in the mid-2000s.

In an appearance on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette" where she also delved into numerous topics, Danger talked about how special talents like Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart were during the mid-2000s for women's wrestling.

"Beth and Nattie were something different," Danger said. "And that is great because that's what wrestling needed, we needed something different. And it's more diverse than ever and there's still more that we can do. There's still more work to put in in terms of diversity, in terms of acceptance, and stuff like that."

Danger also talked about some of the hardships of being a woman's wrestler during the early days of ROH.

"I remember the early days of ROH. The girls had it rough," Danger said. "The fans didn't want us, they were not interested. I used to get death threats. When we would come to the ring, fans would turn their chairs around and purposely put their backs to us, or make a show of, 'Oh, it's bathroom time,' and go. It was rough.

"And then, they slowly started coming around. Cause they were like, 'Just keep from stealing time from the guys.' 'No, this is time worked into this. We're not taking anything from anybody.' And we had a good group of guys in the back that supported us and took care of us. Like, they helped us put matches together and helped us train and stuff like that. I don't ever want it to be that bad again, and this was before social media really picked up. I see the hate some of the girls get just for like, posting a picture."

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