Are The Bella Twins Pitching Creative Ideas To WWE For Female Stars?

The Bella Twins haven't been full-time wrestlers since Brie Bella first took time away to give birth, and while they have had brief runs with WWE together since that point, the Hall Of Famers are primarily away from the business more than they are a part of it, taking on roles in the television world and other outside projects.

That's something Nikki Bella admitted to Extra, claiming that she and her sister are "more on the retired side," which has been the case for a long time. This is particularly true for Nikki, who fans thought at one point was finished competing inside of the ring due to a neck injury. Despite that, she was able to return, enjoying a record-breaking run with the WWE Divas Championship and having one of her most high-profile matches against Ronda Rousey in the main event of the all-woman Evolution pay-per-view.

"We still live it," Nikki said. "We'll still watch 'Monday Night Raw' and I'll be like, 'Okay, so, like, Becky Lynch did this, Brie, and I think we should go back and do this at WrestleMania.'"

"She does this all the time," Brie interjected.

"I do this all the time," Nikki agreed. "It never ends. Like, when you're in, you're in —you never leave."

The Bellas were in the ring most recently during the women's Royal Rumble match earlier this year, but neither was able to book themselves a ticket to WrestleMania. Even though they're not involved in the day-to-day aspect of the business, Brie Bella admitted they still try to leave their mark from time to time, particularly on the WWE women's division.

"We will still pitch stuff for the girls to do," Brie said. "I feel so blessed in life being a professional wrestler. It's literally adult playtime."

The Bella Twins have previously stated that they are open to having a run with the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, but those titles have not been seen since former champions Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out in the middle of "WWE Raw." After stripping the women of the championships and suspending them indefinitely, the company claimed that a tournament would be held to crown new champions, but when and if that tournament will actually take place remains to be seen.