Axiom's Unique Entrance On WWE NXT Has Wrestling World Talking

Axiom made his "NXT 2.0" debut with a win against Dante Chen Tuesday, but it's his unique entrance that has the wrestling world buzzing.

As seen in the video below, there were elements of Augmented Reality (AR) and other CGI imagery used in the new NXT Superstar's entrance.

While some fans compared Axiom's look to the Gold Zeo Ranger character from the "Power Rangers" franchise, others drew comparisons with Black Noir from the hit series "The Boys."

Axiom is believed to be former NXT UK Superstar A-Kid, who briefly wrestled under his previous name for "NXT 2.0" back in March. After a few matches against the likes of Grayson Waller, KUSHIDA, Cameron Grimes and Roderick Strong, he disappeared from the brand to return to NXT UK for a brief run. His lengthy absence was most likely so he and WWE could work on his new character.

WWE NXT began airing vignettes for Axiom on the 7/5 "Great American Bash" episode, introducing him as a math wizard who grew up learning to fight off bullies by using his high IQ. Although his face was never shown, fans could identify A-Kid from his accent and the back of his head.

A week later, on the 7/12 episode, the former A-Kid was shown in a comic book store talking about superheroes helping him escape from reality as a child.

"When I was growing up, comics were my escape from reality," Axiom said in the vignette. "I could sit in my room and escape the chaos, slipping into a far away time or universe. As I learned to fight, I wondered if I could emulate my idols, and take the leap from page to reality. I could be everything I always wanted to be, I could be my own superhero. Break free of the world I lived in and inspire others, I could be a symbol."

He added, "I remain anonymous because it's not about me, it's about everyone else. I am Axiom."