Between his retirement, the reports of payouts in order to keep numerous potential scandals quiet, a reportedly damming upcoming episode of “Real Sports” focusing on the allegations, and the revelation that he’s now being investigated by the SEC and federal prosecutors, it has not been a great time to be former WWE CEO Vince McMahon. And it doesn’t seem to be getting much better, especially as more information about his practices as WWE’s leader comes to light.

Fightful Select reported Tuesday afternoon on the WWE creative process under McMahon, with sources telling Fightful that McMahon needed to be filtered by the assistants of some of WWE’s writing team. This process involved assistants needing to know what not to write for McMahon while they were taking notes, with sources also telling Fightful that “minutes are heavily edited.”

Perhaps the more troubling revelation was that this isn’t a new development, with Fightful reporting this had been the practice regarding McMahon for quite a while. They also noted that McMahon would make remarks that sources felt were insensitive, offensive, and downright shocking. This included McMahon referring to people by the wrong name and using terms that would not be socially acceptable.

Further inside was provided to Fightful by a former WWE production employee, who said a live feed of McMahon at the headset in the Gorilla position would provide fans with a clear picture of WWE’s production experience, most notably from an announcer’s perspective. The former employee went on to say that while Vince was at times in good spirits, he was capable of blowing up at things the source described as ridiculous, leading to him chewing out announcers for, in McMahon’s mind, ruining an angle, even if the angle was long past being saved.

When Fightful asked sources within creative what they expected to change the most under the new head of creative Triple H’s regime, they were merely told “recall what we have and haven’t done repeatedly.” The source told Fightful that certain things McMahon insisted on doing were things he didn’t remember doing over and over again, despite it being pointed out to him.

 Triple H’s tenure as new WWE head of creative began last night with “WWE Raw.”

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