Backstage Note On Why Ric Flair Was Put Back In WWE Signature

This week, two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair was put back into the WWE signature prior to "WWE Raw" after having been removed following a controversial episode of "Dark Side Of The Ring" that aired in the fall of 2021. The episode, titled "The Plane Ride From Hell," details a notorious wrestling story that casts Flair in a particularly negative light, with a flight attendant from the plane ride in question claiming that Flair exposed himself to her and encouraged her to touch his genitals. The public backlash led to the company to not only take Flair out of the signature, but also to remove all of his merchandise.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that the belief is that any heat WWE and Flair had following "The Plane Ride From Hell" has now come to an end, which is why his presence in the signature was restored. The Nature Boy had already been working with the company for the "WWE Heels" show, emphasizing the likelihood that the two aprties are on good terms again.

Putting Flair back into the signature is was reportedly just a matter of timing, as WWE decided that the negativity toward him from the general public had blown over. The signature showcases a variety of WWE legends in some of their most iconic moments, including Flair delivering his classic "Woo!" While it might not be a huge part of the show, it was important to the 16-time world champion. Flair took to his Twitter account after being re-added to the signature, saying that WWE's decision to remove him was "the most hurtful moment" of his entire career. He then thanked WWE for giving him back "my dignity & my life."

These days, the WWE Hall Of Famer is focusing on his brief return to the wrestling ring for his supposed last match, which is taking place at Starrcast V later this month. This will be Flair's first match since 2011, when he faced Sting during his stint with Impact Wrestling, but his final opponent is currently unknown.