Brock Lesnar Referenced In Latest WWE NXT QR Code Tease

A week after airing a QR code that directed fans to a numeric message, WWE dropped another tease on this week's "NXT 2.0." episode.

The QR code popped up on the screen immediately after Solo Sikoa dumped Mr. Robert Stone into a huge trash can following his backstage brawl with Von Wagner. Upon scanning the code, fans were directed to the following wordle grid:

As seen above, the wordle grid contains six five-letter words: "Quinn, Becky, Crews, Trick, Brock, Toxic." The grid presumably makes references to Xyon Quinn, Becky Lynch, Apollo Crews, Trick Williams, Brock Lesnar and NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose. In playing by the Wordle rules, it appears the letters "C" and "O" are part of the correct answer with the word ending in the letter "C."

During last week's 7/5 Great American Bash episode, WWE aired another QR code containing a mysterious message – the numbers 8:10:11. In trying to decipher the code, fans speculated on all sorts of possibilities. While some felt the alpha-numeric code of the message (HJK) could be the name of a new faction or wrestler, others speculated that the message reveals the date of a future NXT Takeover event.

NXT's announcers Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett have yet to address the meaning behind the codes on live broadcasts of NXT.