WWE Drops Major Tease With QR Code Message At NXT Great American Bash

Could a new Superstar or faction be headed to WWE "NXT 2.0." soon?

During the 7/5 Great American Bash episode, a QR code randomly popped up on screen, prompting viewers to scan it. Upon scanning the code, fans were directed to this page on the WWE website containing a mysterious message – the numbers 8:10:11.

While WWE did not elaborate on the QR code, fans on social media are speculating that the numbers 8:10:11 could be related to an NFT or even a new stable or Superstar. Furthermore, the alpha-numeric code of the message represents HJK, which several fans believe could be the name of a new faction or wrestler.

Others are also speculating that the message could be a teaser for a two-night "NXT 2.0." special event on August 10 and August 11. However, that's highly unlikely as those dates are Wednesday and Thursday. There is also some speculation that the date represents a Sunday Takeover event planned for August 21, seeing as 10+11 adds up to 21.

For what it's worth, the full URL to the WWE website makes a mention of an NXT campaign for "nxt_br_2022july." The short URL, however, reads only "wwe.com/br81011."

As reported earlier, WWE aired another mysterious vignette Tuesday that seemed to hint at the re-debut of a WWE NXT UK standout.